Moving, and can't take your dog?

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If you would like to place a Lab for adoption with CCLRR, Inc., please email with a photo of your dog, your location, and the reason you need to place your dog.  If you don’t provide a photo or tell us where you are located, we will have to email you back.  Because we need to meet your dog before placing it in the program, we can only accept dogs from areas where we have volunteers:  Yuba City south to Turlock and Placer/El Dorado Counties west to Martinez and Tracy. 

Please note that we cannot accept stray dogs unless you have had the dog for at least 10 days and have made an attempt to find the owner by putting up flyers, notifying local shelters and veterinarians, putting ads in the paper and on Craigslist, and having the dog scanned for a microchip.   

Foster homes are in short supply and we cannot guarantee that one will be available for your dog.  Please be able to keep your dog until it is adopted if at all possible.

If your Lab has bitten someone, is seriously dog aggressive, is over 10 years old or is in poor health, he will not be placed into the program.  In this case we will try to find options for you. 

There is a $50 placement fee for our services.  We will also need copies of your dog’s vet records. 

Once we have determined that your dog may be a candidate for our program, we will send an application to fill out and arrange for our nearest volunteer to meet your Lab.  This volunteer will explain the adoption process and give you the documents and instructions you will use when your Lab is adopted.  We will provide placement services to you for a period of 6 months.  During this time CCLRR, Inc. will attempt to place your dog by publishing information on our web site, placing your Lab on our weekly list and sending this list to qualified, screened people who have applied to us to adopt a Lab. If at the end of the six month period we have not placed your dog, we will contact you and re-evaluate your situation.

How The Process Works

When we send the weekly list of Labs available to qualified adopters, they will contact you and make an appointment to see your Lab.  It is their responsibility to travel to your location to meet the dog.  We encourage all prospective adopters to bring their entire family to these meetings as well as their dog if they have one. We require that their entire family be in agreement about a dog before it is adopted.  You will have the final say as to who adopts your Lab.  We want the Lab to have the best home and the adopter to have the best Lab.

When an adoption is agreed upon you will fill out and mail to CCLRR the adoption receipt, which we will have given you, and your Lab will go home with its new family.

The adopter has a two week trial period to make sure your Lab is a match.  At the end of this period, if the adoption is not working out, the adopter may return the dog and look for a better match.  If all is going well, we have a completed adoption.