CCLRR needs your help. There are many different ways in which you can help. We cover Shelters. Shelters are, for the most part, overcrowded, understaffed and under funded. Dogs are held only a few days. We cover shelters from the Foothills North and East of Sacramento, to Merced in the South, and Tracy to the West. We need ...

  • Volunteers are needed to be representatives in each town in the central valley from Sacramento to Merced, and Lake Tahoe to Tracy.
  • Volunteers are needed to answer phones,
  • Volunteers are needed to identify and evaluaate labs
  • Volunteers are needed to transport labs
  • Families are needed to foster labs until new owners are found
  • Volunteers are needed to help with fund raising.
  • Volunteers are needed to transport dogs to their new homes.
  • CCLRR needs donations to pay for veterinary care, kenneling when necessary, "bail" from animal shelters, and other costs.

     If you can spend just a few hours now and then or all day every day, you can make such a difference. We'd love to have your help! e-mail CCLRR

      Without enough foster homes we must pay to kennel Labs or let them be killed in Shelters. Many Shelters charge us to take dogs out. We must pay for inoculations, our Web page, dog food, flyers, stamps and a long lost of other things. If everyone who reads this page would send us just $5 we could save so many more wonderful Labs. To donate:

      Send your donations to:

P.O. BOX 2912


Use the PAYPAL link, and help us save more wonderful Labs...